Monday, August 4, 2008

El Rushbo Rides in Smart Car August 4, 2008


RUSH: I don't know whether to admit it or not. No, I don't know if I'm going to post -- (interruption) you think I should tell 'em? Folks, I was up in Connecticut this weekend. A couple weeks ago, three weeks ago I was supposed to go up there for a member-guest golf tournament. I had to cancel it. So I took the trip this past weekend to make up for it. And my hosts, good friends of mine who live here in Palm Beach during the winter, bought a Smart Car. They bought one of those bubble things, a lawn mower with seats on it. There's a picture of me in it in the passenger side with my golf clubs and golf bags standing up in the little area -- 'cause there's no place to put the golf clubs if there are two people in the car. So there's a picture of this, and I happened to mention it to the staff. "You gotta post this on the website."

We actually went to the golf course in this thing, and I was embarrassed, I was hiding. I was hiding my head in my hands as we hit stop signs because I didn't want people at the intersections and other cars -- this thing gets stared at. It gets stared at because nobody can believe it. So I was embarrassed, I'm sitting there, I don't want to be spotted in this thing, imagine when that gets out. So, at any rate, yeah, I'll send Koko the picture. I've got the picture on my computer at home, but I'll send him the picture. It is funny. It's a hoot, these little golf clubs sticking up. Now, my friend's got this thing to go to the grocery store. They never take it on the highway, and I don't blame 'em. It has suspension of a golf cart. But here I'm thinking, you know, look at what the ChiComs are doing, the ChiComs are going crazy buying SUVs, pickup trucks and so forth. What are we doing? We are going backwards. Now we're riding around in lawn mowers. I used to joke about putting two seats on a lawn mower. Now it's for sale, and depending on where you go to buy one, there is a 16-month waiting list to get one of these things. I don't know how my friend got himself in front of the line, but he did.


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Unknown said...

Well, I've wondered what I'd look like sitting in one of these things.